Sweetener Test


This was a cupcake experiment that tested out different sweeteners, natural and artificial.




We gathered nine sweeteners, we used the same recipe for every cupcake, all we changed was the sweeteners. The recipe came from How Sweet Eats. Then we determined how much sweetener to use in the cupcakes using the chart from Sneeky Kitchen, this is the amount of sweeteners we used:


IMG_1067 IMG_1071


Sweetener Amount used in recipe Equivalants
sugar 2 tbs  
brown sugar 2 tbs  
stevia 2 pinches  
sucanat 2 tbs  
honey 1 tbs  
honey powder 1 tbs  
splenda 2 tsp 8 pkts
sweet-n-low 1 pkt  
equal 1/2 tsp 2 pkt


We measured, baked, and mixed all at the same time. Four family members filled out a survey on taste texture and looks.


IMG_1094 IMG_1096


The naturals beat the artificial’s in taste, texture, and looks. My dad took a sucanat cupcake to his work, everybody liked a different sweetener, and my mom thought the equal cupcake was so nasty she spit it out. Sugar was best but brown sugar and sucanat were also good. Out of the artificial sweeteners splenda was best, but on a whole they didn’t work well.