Burger and Fries Mold Test

We did a fun experiment with burgers that almost made me lose my lunch.We tried to replicate a experiment from the movie “Super Size Me” , its about a guy who goes around saying that he’s going to a eat McDonalds for a month and he does an experiment were he puts fries and burgers in a container and on a plate and the mcdonalds fries didnt get moldy.  So we put burgers and fries on a plate from: McDonalds, In-N-Out,  and Wendys when we got the burgers they looked and smelled so good and then we went in to eat in-n-out and when  we got back in the car the burgers smelled disgusting!!!!!! We made a home made burger. the burger was from a grass fed cow on  a whole grain bun.We put everything in the same room and there was no condiments.


3 weeks later………………


We looked at the burgers and fries on the plates and they were all dried and cracked up, there was no mold on the plates. Then we looked at the containers and there was a whole bunch of mold black, white, brown, greenish, fuzzy spotted, there was a whole little colony living in there. We could not replicate the experiment from the movie , are fries got moldy and we think that McDonalds changed there recipe for there fries. Nothing on the plates got moldy because they all dried out.


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