Burger and Fries Mold Test

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We did a fun experiment with burgers that almost made me lose my lunch.We tried to replicate a experiment from the movie “Super Size Me” , its about a guy who goes around saying that he’s going to a eat McDonalds for a month and he does an experiment were he puts fries and burgers […]

Pulled Taffy Experiment

We wanted to make pulled taffy and we had fun, but we also failed. We found four recipe’s online and tried two of them. The first recipe we tried was from Accidental Scientist. We read the “science of cooking” notes that were with the recipe.

So first we got the ingredients and put them in and stirred. We were supposed to only go up to 170F but we watching closely and it went up to 181F. We also split it into two flavors after cooking because my friend was here so that messed it up a lot. We put it on a cookie sheet and it got so hard we could not even get to pull it. It also tasted really bad because we put to much flavoring. We looked at what we did wrong and decided to try again.


This time we used Alton Brown recipe and cooked it to a lower temperature. We watched it very very closely! This time we actually got to pulled it but after a while it got hard to pull. We are guessing that we either pulled it to much or we pulled it to little. We tried cutting it with scissors but that didn’t really work so we hit it with a hammer and now its little chunks of rock candy.


Sweetener Test


This was a cupcake experiment that tested out different sweeteners, natural and artificial.




We gathered nine sweeteners, we used the same recipe for every cupcake, all we changed was the sweeteners. The recipe came from How Sweet Eats. Then we determined how much sweetener to use in the cupcakes using the chart from Sneeky Kitchen, this is the amount of sweeteners we used:


IMG_1067 IMG_1071


Sweetener Amount used in recipe Equivalants
sugar 2 tbs  
brown sugar 2 tbs  
stevia 2 pinches  
sucanat 2 tbs  
honey 1 tbs  
honey powder 1 tbs  
splenda 2 tsp 8 pkts
sweet-n-low 1 pkt  
equal 1/2 tsp 2 pkt


We measured, baked, and mixed all at the same time. Four family members filled out a survey on taste texture and looks.


IMG_1094 IMG_1096


The naturals beat the artificial’s in taste, texture, and looks. My dad took a sucanat cupcake to his work, everybody liked a different sweetener, and my mom thought the equal cupcake was so nasty she spit it out. Sugar was best but brown sugar and sucanat were also good. Out of the artificial sweeteners splenda was best, but on a whole they didn’t work well.


Trying to make fluffy popcorn

We soaked popcorn in water over night. We put a wet cotton ball in the popcorn jar. We used regular popcorn and we did not add any water.


We started popping the three groups, the dry one one was fluffy, the one with the cotton ball was rough and pointy we were hoping that the third would be fluffiest but instead it looked like a tiny piece of turd.